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Join our database for free, and let us get to know you. Successful applicants will be considered for dates to meet our other members.

No guarantees on minimum number of dates or events. If you are selected for a date with one of our Elite or Privilege members, there will be no extra charges.

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A Personal Touch

Privilege members receive personalised dating services with Matchmaking experts guiding you on the journey to finding love.

Matchmaking experts - not a computer algorithm - will personally search the database and handpick your matches based on your specified requirements.

A guaranteed minimum number of blind dates, handpicked by your Matchmaker.

Post-date feedback to ensure the quality of dates always stays high, and allows our Matchmakers to further understand your needs and fine-tune your matches.

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Personalised matchmaking

Elite members receive unparalleled, customised service from us. If you are serious about finding a great match, look no further.

Matchmaking experts, not algorithms, personally handpick your matches based on expert intuition, attraction, & compatibility of values.

Unlimited dates, with photos, headhunted and/or handpicked by your Matchmaker.

We headhunt beyond our database, across a wide range of sources, to find you a match. This greatly increases the likelihood of an ideal match.

The headhunted candidates are interviewed by our Matchmakers, and only introduced to you if they pass our standards.

Dates are coordinated, planned, and booked for you, all you need to do is show up and have fun!

One-on-one personalised date coaching services that have been proven to greatly increase the chances of a successful match.

Detailed post-date feedback and coaching to ensure the quality of dates always stays high, and allows our Matchmakers to further understand your needs and fine-tune your matches.

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Exceptional Service Standards

All our Matchmakers only manage a handful of clients at any one time, ensuring that you get the attention, time commitment, and exclusivity that you deserve.

Seamless Member Experience

The same Matchmaking expert will attend to your needs from Day One, till the day you bid us farewell. This allows for greater accountability, a much deeper relationship and understanding between Matchmaker and Client. You will never be passed around between "departments".

Exclusivity, Guaranteed

We only accept Members that we deem suitable for our services. Some factors we consider for admission are your values, goals, mindset, and overall eligibility.

Complete Discretion & Privacy

Your profile is confidential and will only be viewed by our Matchmakers. If you get a match, a summarised profile will be shown to your match, and vice versa.

Additional Services

To help you achieve better dates and improve the chances of a successful match, our Experts provide additional services to members.

  • Dating & Relationship Consultation
  • Social Media Overhaul
  • How to do Online Dating - with Results!
  • Complete Image Makeover
  • Exit Interviews
  • Personalised Step-by-Step Makeup lessons (Ladies only)
  • Express Pre-Date Makeup service (Ladies only)
  • Find a Husband after 35 (Ladies only)


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